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About Us

John Antrim and Cynthia Dixon-Antrim have been married for 14  years.   They have a wealth of experience  in many aspects of business, including residential and commercial real estate acquisition and development. 

Before experiencing success as a husband-wife team,  Cynthia Dixon-Antrim spent over twenty years in education as a teacher, teacher-trainer, curriculum developer  and principal, where she won many awards including the Herb Kohl Teacher of the Year Award for her efforts.  John Antrim has over 30 years of experience as a  builder in both new home construction and preexisting dwellings.   He  also served as  Executive Director of Hopeworks, where he provided job skills training  to  underserved communities  in  the City of Milwaukee. 

John and Cynthia both share a passion for using their wealth of knowledge and experience to empower individuals  to achieve their  God-given purpose. They have impacted many lives through both mentoring and providing  a myriad of powerful workshops. 

In addition, they are heavily involved in missions, both locally and abroad.  They find   fulfilment in working alongside other non-profits interested in meeting the needs of those affected by poverty.  They find inspiration in God's word that states "It is more blessed to give then to receive."  

Contact us if you are interested in partnering with us or for speaking engagements! 

Love God. Serve people.


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